Porfidio|2G Single Malt Whisky


SIZE: 750mL
REGION: Australia

PRODUCT TYPE: International Whisky

VENDOR: Porfidio

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Buy Single Malt Whisky Online

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Firstly, Porfirio specializes in high-end tequila and mezcal products. The company was a significant influence in pushing agave-base spirits into the high-end international liquor market, and not without controversy. PORFIDIO | 2G, a single-variety, single-malt, single-cask, single estate whisky made from 100% Blue Barley.

Buy Porfidio 2g Single Malt Whisky Online

Furthermore, All original Scotch Whisky, however, at least up the 18th century, was make exclusively from barley. And so, we thought that it would be a dainty idea to do the “original, old-fashioned thing” by creating a whisky made from 100% barley a la ecossaise, thus literally creating a single variety whisky

More so, Whisky yeasts, on their part, come in two types: those that neutralize the taste on purpose, the dry style,and those which tease out the fruity notes from the grain. As a question of opinionated preference, we chose the second, because we loved the taste, a wonderfully flavorful, fruity whisky faithful to its raw material and terroir, raised to its full potential by delicate notes of the finest Quercus Alba oak through its ageing in the highest quality Australian-made virgin 110 liter oak casks.

What is special about single malt whiskey?

Also, A single malt is made with malted barley in pot stills at a single distillery. The goal is to achieve very distinctive flavors and nuances that exemplify a single distillery’s style.  In a blend, the grain is as important as the malt. It is the “glue that holds often flaky single malts together,” as Broom puts it. Amrut Fusion Single Malt distills the best of both Indian barley and Scottish peat grain. They are mature separately, commingling in bourbon casks, which gives them a subtle peat and a rich fruity flavor. Is single malt good for health?

In addition, Whiskey’s high proof makes it an excellent digestif, stimulating the stomach’s enzymes, which help break down food. 3. Single malt whiskies contain more ellagic acid than red wine. As a general rule, it’s recommend that you taste your whisky neat first, and then add a little spring water with your second sip. You don’t want to drown your drink; about 20% water is plenty. Combine the whisky and water by gently shaking the glass (giving it a “shoogle” in Scottish parlance).

In summary, Malt whisky is whisky make from a fermente mash consisting primarily of malted barley. If the product is make exclusively at a single distillery (along with other restrictions), it is typically call a single malt whisky.


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